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alter ego - the exhibition of Sara Ja¶kiewicz
dátum: 2012.07.06
1/1 oldal

Sara Ja¶kiewicz

alter ego 



The next exhibitor in kArton gallery is Sara Ja¶kiewicz, the Polish artist who lives in Hungary. She graduated at Warsaw, at the European Art Academy, and her works have mostly been exhibited in her home country.

Her paintings are characterised by the intermingling of pop culture and traditional Polish motifs. They provide for a wide range of possible interpretations with their narrative suggestions and vivid colours.

Sara Ja¶kiewicz paints mainly series of pictures, now in the kArton gallery new works of three of her latest series will be presented, Witness (2007-2011), Rings (2004-2011) and Haze (2000-2012).

The basis of her paintings are sometimes rings, sometimes stones, multiplied and arranged to create a kind of system around themselves. Even in her figurative paintings multiplication is a recurring motif, but its role is taken over by a kind of eclecticism.


Opening: 12 July 2012, 7 p.m.

On view: 13 July – 17 August 2012.




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