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dátum: 2013.11.20
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The next exhibition of kArton gallery, entitled LEHO/CZKI presents two graphic- and caricature artists. Despite of the same family name István Lehoczki and Károly Lehoczki are not relatives, but their common name caused many misunderstandings in the past. Now kArton would like to sort this out, and in a kind of “compare and contrast” method present and differentiate between the works of the artists.



István  Lehoczki „LEHO” (1950 - 2007) graphic artist, caricaturist worked for the satiric newspapers, Ludas Matyi, then Új Ludas from 1971. His caricatures were published among others in the Hócipő, Kurír-Elefánt, Élet és Irodalom and Népszabadság – in the latter he had his own daily column. His main genre is caricature, but he also did book and students’ book illustrations, designed different applied graphical works, drew advertisements. His caricatures, signed as “Leho” also appeared in numerous crossword puzzle magazines.



Leho: Miracle in the city; 63428 + tax; Feeling better


In the 1990s he won the Opus Prize, Press Box Prize,  György Brenner Prize and Joseph Pulitzer Memory Prize, and was given the Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.  He participated in a number of exhibitions, for example the National Caricature Exhibition in the Ernst Museum in 1975, the Caricature Exhibition at Balatonföldvár in 1981, or the exhibition of the György Brenner Caricature Competition in1995. He also took part in several international exhibitions (in Tokio, Montreal, Knokke-Heist, Marostica, Prague, Ankara.)




Károly Lehoczki „CZKI” (1957- 2012) caricature artist and musician did caricatures from 1991.  His drawings appeared on the pages of newspapers like Hócipő,  Népszabadság, Népszava, Magyar Nemzet, Mai Nap, and Nők Lapja, and the online surfaces of Figyelő and HVG. Between 1996 and 1999 he was the art editor and drawer of Ludas Matyi. He signed his caricatures as „Czki”.



Czki: From the manual of politicians - Where are you coming from (detail); What has Piglet become?; In the court of Negró Kerál  

He made several book covers and illustrations, and was awarded at many competitions and art festivals, such as the International Cartoon Festival (Belgium) in 1993, also won the György Brenner Prize and in 1995 he was given the First Prize of the Eurokartonale (Belgium).  As a musician he was the member of the Jeep, the Kontroll Csoport, the Balkán Tourist, the Új Nem and the Kistehén Tánczenekar.



Opening: 28 November 2013, 7 p.m.


On view: 29 November 2013 - 24 January 2014




írta: kArton